7:00 to 7:20pm - Prayer Group: Mentalization in favor of the house. (Open to the public)
          7:30 to 9:00pm - Reading Group Andre Luiz's Books. (Portuguese open to the public)

          7:00 to 7:50pm - Doctrinal Studies (Portuguese open to the public)
          • The Spirit’s Book and The Gospel According to Spiritism

          8:00 to 9:00pm - Doctrinal Studies (Portuguese closed groups)
          • The Medium’s Book and Tutorials Federation
          (Please inquire coordination if you are interested in participating)

          6:00 to 7:15pm - Doctrinal Lectures/Presentation (Portuguese open to the public)
          • Based on Kardec’s books, followed by Healing Pass and Fluidic Water

          11:00am to Noon - Doctrinal Studies in English, followed by Healing Pass.
          • The Spirit’s Book and The Gospel According to Spiritism,
          • Evangelization of Youth and Children - Open to the public
          • Youth Group for age over 12 years - English
          • Children age 2 to 4 years - English and Portuguese
          • Children age 5 to 11 years - English and Portuguese
All are welcome

          Please arrive 15 minutes ahead. Get to know our library and tune in with the house vibration.

Upon entering the lectures and study’s room, please remain silent, seeking to calm and harmonize to be in connection with the activity that soon will start. Please no food and drink into the room.

           Saturday 6:00pm in portuguese - We begin our activities with a inspirational message read before the lecture.

           Duration of the lecture - 1 hour (see the list of lectures and speakers on the bulletin board at the entrance of our house).

          Healing Pass - At the end of each lecture while you wait, keep quiet with noble thoughts, contributing to raise the ambient vibration. All will be invited to receive the healing pass.

          Fluidic water - Leaving the passes room take the fluidic water and please return to your seat in the lecture room, stay in silence and vibration until the closing prayer.

          Evangelization - Our house also offers evangelization for children and youth with appropriate teaching for every age, with spiritual education of each individual, through the teachings of Jesus.

           Fraternal Assistance: If you need fraternal assistance, look for details with one of the workers to schedule a time.

           House Maintenance: The cost maintaining the house (insurance, taxes, BOA, electric, water, Guest Speakers) are only possible thanks to your contributions. Enjoy our cantina, on saturday it offers delicious dishes and deserts. All funds raised from our cantina are reversed for the maintenance of the house.

         Conduct Rules: Please inquire about the House Rules of Conduct, posted on the bulletin board. If you want a copy, please ask one of our Workers.

Reminder: On the table located at the entrance, we have a prayer’s notebook to incarnate and discarnate. Write the names of family, friends, loved ones you would like to help with prayers.